Educators! We need your help. 

We cannot successfully abolish slavery without your help. You are crucial in the fight against human trafficking – both in terms of prevention and demand.

Education lies at the heart of The NO Project. Our commitment is that every young person has an accurate understanding of modern slavery so that they can then make well-informed, ethical choices as responsible global citizens of the future. We are educators ourselves  and understand that  in order to effectively confront human trafficking and slavery in your class – we as teachers must  feel well-informed. Contact us at: – we would love to hear from you!Banner_Education

For teachers:

1. FREE Seminars about human trafficking, specifically designed for teachers so that you can address this subject with confidence, accuracy and eloquence in the classroom.
2. Flexible lesson plans customised to your teaching subject/class size/grade
3. Age-appropriate written material about human trafficking
4. Relevant Facts and Statistics on modern day slavery
5. Engaging video-clips specifically designed for youth
6. Stories about survivors of human trafficking – both children and adult victims
7. Practical ideas for meaningful, creative projects –either in-class or in the community
7. Movies easily obtainable on the subject of human trafficking
In the last four years we have conducted  hundreds of workshops to thousands of students, university students and educators in several different countries – both face to face and on-line. WE NEED YOUR HELP.

Education includes

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The NO Project collaborates with teachers with students of all ages and subjects. We have extensive experience and resources and we are to provide teachable, meaningful lesson plans that will captivate and inspire your students. As you will see from this site nearly all The NO Project artwork/dance/events were organized and carried out by young people aged 16-25. Perfect. This is exactly our goal.

The global crime of human trafficking and modern-day slavery is immediately relevant to a vast range of subjects – history, art, geography, social studies, economics, foreign language studies and literature.

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Please watch the videos on this site so that you are able to share the information with your students in a way that is age-appropriate, sensitive and accurate. The crime of human trafficking is ugly, brutal, disturbing. Students may not be able to digest certain information all at once. You are the best judge of what they can absorb at a given time. Their innate sense of justice is key to this process.

EDUCATION INCLUDES PROTECTION. Read these statements below – they are some of the manipulative and very effective strategies that traffickers may use during the recruitment process. The students in our classes need to know they are the target.





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