Cocoa Slavery

Dark side of Chocolate

What’s really in your chocolate?

Quite possibly child slavery. Not so sweet anymore. Use your power as a consumer and buy products that are ethically sourced. One action you can take is to look for a FAIRTRADE logo – see the poster below for examples of chocolate products with the logo.

Please watch this video and go to the site for thedarksideofchocolate to learn more.





Chocolate – The Bitter Truth 1 of 5 – Ivory Coast Child Trafficking – BBC Panorama Investigation, recorded 08.05.2010 We spend more on chocolate each year than investors spend on gold – but as Easter approaches, how much do we really know about where it comes from or how it is made?
Panorama reporter Paul Kenyon goes undercover as a cocoa trader in West Africa and discovers children as young as seven working long hours on cocoa farms, helping to make the chocolate we love so much. He buys a tonne of cocoa made with child labour, and sees how easy it is to sell it into the supply chain which leads to our high streets.
He also helps rescue a 12-year-old boy – trafficked across borders – to pick cocoa as a modern-day slave and reunites him with his mother. For the first time, we meet the kids who harvest our cocoa but who have never tasted chocolate.

Published by The NO Project