Now You Know


Now You Know is an anti-slavery public service announcement (PSA) that addresses three forms of human trafficking: commercial sexual exploitation of both males and females, domestic servitude and forced labour in the supply chain of everyday products such as coffee.

The video was produced by film students at Hothouse Productions, Boston University College of Communication. Now You Know was devised in close collaboration with the client, The NO Project and with the support of Corporate Social Responsibility, Postbank Bulgaria.



Young film-makers fight human trafficking and modern slavery using their talent, creativity and dedication.  Watch behind the scenes of the anti-slavery video “Now You Know” produced by Hothouse Productions for The NO Project.

Hothouse Productions is Boston University’s student-run client driven production company. In 2013, Hothouse teamed up with The NO Project to produce a two minute PSA to create global awareness about modern slavery. This video is a behind-the-scenes look of the making of “Now You Know”.

Published by The NO Project