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To students, educators and visitors to this page:

Please note that The NO Project does not own any rights to the the content of these excellent campaigns, however we feel the work of these diverse organisations is deeply respectful, cutting edge and powerful. Students – if you use information from these sites, please always credit and cite your source. Furthermore, why not contact the organisation and let them know that you respect, acknowledge and promote what they are doing. Of course there are many many more excellent organizations working at a national and community level around the world and we respect their work. Go online to find out what is happening in your country/region/town.

Please visit the different sites at the links provided below and see how you might contribute. Watch the videos, read about their work and then share the campaign information in order to educate other people. Thank you.

Please note, the short description of each organization has been adapted from their social media pages.


Anti-Slavery International

Anti-Slavery International is the world’s oldest human rights organisation, dedicated to ending all forms of slavery in the modern world.” In this site you will find information about numerous powerful global campaigns by Anti-Slavery International and excellent educational resources to share through social media.


University of Nottingham, Anti-slavery Usable Past Project

In addition to anti-slavery murals and museums from around the world, the Anti-slavery Usable Past Project  now hosts the “world’s largest archive of modern slavery survivor narratives. The site features more than a million words spoken or written by survivors of modern slavery that have been gathered over 20 years. The NO Project is honoured to be a partner with this project at Nottingham University.


Ethical Story Telling

We respect the work of Ethical Story Telling, a community of practitioners and story tellers, committed to a new standard of story telling. Listen to their excellent podcasts to understand why is it so important to consider whose story you are telling, why and how? Is it with dignity and respect? And do you have the right to tell that story? Read about their pledge,  then sign!


Girls Are Not For Sale (GEMS)

Girls Are Not for Sale is a campaign of Girls Educational & Mentoring Services (GEMS), largest nonprofit organization in USA specifically designed to empower commercially sexually exploited girls and young women, ages 12-24. For one of the most precise, insightful books about commercial sexual exploitation, read Girls Like Us, by Rachel Lloyd, Founder of GEMS. An unforgettable book.


Free the Slaves

Free the Slaves Mission: To liberate slaves and to change the conditions that allow slavery to persist. “Our strategy is to reduce people’s vulnerability, help those in slavery to freedom, and transform the political, economic, cultural, and social circumstances that make slavery possible.” A deeply moving, powerful TED talk by the Co-Founder of Free the Slaves, Dr Kevin Bales can be seen here.



Goodweave  aims to stop child labor in the carpet industry and to replicate its market-based approach in other sectors. Please visit this amazing site and watch the video Stand with Sanju.

“Child servitude is a crime committed against 168 million children worldwide. They’re forced to sacrifice their youth and their education. Stand with Sanju demonstrates how consumer buying power could end child slavery in the carpet industry.”


Polaris Project

The remarkable Polaris Project actions are extensive as their excellent site indicates. Polaris are also responsible for establishing and managing the nationwide USA hotline number and text and for training other organizations around the world on how to set up their own hotline.


Made in a Free World

“We’re disrupting the business of slavery. Our dream is simple. One day everyone and everything will be Made In A Free World.” Please visit Made in a Free World or Slavery Footprint to see how you  probably (unknowingly)  sustain slavery.



 “Fairphone is a social enterprise that is building a movement for fairer electronics. By making a phone, we’re opening up the supply chain and creating new relationships between people and their products. We’re making a positive impact across the value chain in mining, design, manufacturing and life cycle, while expanding the market for products that put ethical values first. Together with our community, we’re changing the way products are made.”

The Enough Project

The Enough Project fights to end genocide and crimes against humanity, focused on areas where some of the world’s worst atrocities occur. We get the facts on the ground, use rigorous analysis to determine the most sustainable solutions, influence political leaders to adopt our proposals, and mobilize the public to demand change.”


Slave Free Seas

Slave Free Seas is the only NGO in the world with a specific focus on ending human trafficking at sea.SFS has a team of some of the world’s foremost experts on modern slavery, including international lawyers specialising in human rights and maritime law, world-leading academics, and a diverse group of advocates from the private sector.”




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