The NO Project works with young people around the world. Please join us!

Do what you LOVE and create change at the same time. Be bold, be brave, be respectful, be well-informed. And never doubt that one person can make a (huge) impact.

Step One: Get Smart. Learn. Watch videos, learn about different forms of slavery and human trafficking.

Important: Please note The NO Project does not support images or portrayal of slavery and trafficking that re-exploits the victim, or sensationalises the crime. Images such as duct tape over mouths, barcodes, chains, beaten faces do not represent the crime accurately or respectfully. Contact us to find out about our Guidelines for Artists.

Step Two: Ask yourself : ‘What do I like doing?’  Sport? Music? Reading? Art? Creating events with your friends? Do what you are passionate about. Use that talent and skill to educate others. And remember – we need powerful art/actions not ‘perfect’ art/actions.

Step Three: Create a team. Make a plan. Talk to people about what you want to do. Be bold. Ask for support. What do you want the outcome to be?

YOUTH AMBASSADORS WITH THE NO PROJECT. Contact us to find out about our  multi-media seminars. Young people have trained up with The NO Project and then given seminars to over 500 youth in other countries, including China, Greece, Italy, Libya, Spain, USA.


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Music: Musicians and song writers compose, arrange and perform songs against human trafficking and slavery.


Dance Events/ HIP HOP: Dancers use their skill and passion to tell others about slavery today.

90 HIP HOP Dancers

Art: The work of young artists is everywhere on The NO Project site. They love art use their skills fight slavery. All the artwork on this page is by students 15-19 years old. See more art 

Film-making: Students devise, write and shoot their own film that portray aspects of human trafficking. Watch Now You Know and Gold Costs More Than Money created by film students in collaboration with The NO Project.

Hothouse production crew

Design: Animators and artists devise an anti-slavery animations. Watch amazing short animations by young artists.

Photography: Photographers present an exhibition with multi-media installations and still photography. 

Journalism: Students interested in writing provide press releases for leading newspapers and articles for school publication.

Blog: start a blog that can feature all of the above activities then try to find other schools doing similar activities.

Theatre: devise a theatre production that raises awareness of modern slavery.

Sports against Slavery: Organize an awareness raising event e.g. “Football for Freedom.” Make sure that spectators are provided with information they can then follow up to learn more.

Event managementOrganize a large scale event such as a music concert and learn about the logistics and needs of event management.

Educational seminars in the community: Students devise their own multi-media workshop which will then be presented to other local high schools/community groups.

Documentary film-making: Students use video to document the entire project so that other schools may benefit from the approach take.

The good news is that thousands and thousands of people are fighting slavery. Join them. Step one is to learn. Watch videos, read articles, get the movies. Be a smart, well-informed, anti-slavery activist – and then tell others…and never stop.

A good start is to see the video clips on the facebook page of The NO Project.





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