Educators – simply put, we need your help. 

You are crucial in the fight against human trafficking and modern slavery – both in terms of prevention and demand.

Education lies at the heart of The NO Project. Our commitment is that every young person has an accurate understanding of modern slavery so that they can then make well-informed, ethical choices as responsible global citizens of the future. We are educators ourselves  and understand that  in order to effectively confront human trafficking and slavery in your class – we ourselves must  feel well-informed.

Free downloadable lesson plans

Please check out the brand new teaching material on our site.

Each teaching unit covers 2-3 hours and is based on a true-life narrative. The supporting material includes videos, visuals, reading material, slides, and a step-by-step Teacher’s Guide to inform and guide you through the different stages of each lesson. Given the nature of this crime, the content has been created for older teens, young adults and adults. The lessons have been designed for use with

  • students who have a high level of English as a second language (B1+/B2)
  • students whose first language is English and who would like to learn more about human trafficking and modern slavery.

Beyond the class/Autonomous learning

Please take a look at the extensive resources we have provided for students who would like to learn more in their own time. Videos, articles, true narratives, arts-based actions are included in this section and we have selected content to provide the basis for project-based activities or personal projects, according the curriculum and the student’s specific learning style and interests.

The NO Project Multi-media Seminar for teachers

This seminar on modern slavery and human trafficking is specifically designed for teachers so that you can address this subject with confidence, accuracy and eloquence in the classroom. We understand that teachers are busy with back-to-back professional and personal commitments – therefore we have done the research for you. This seminar will provide you with the most recent research on the crime and also includes information about, indicators of trafficking, possible recruitment methods used by traffickers, an understanding of the different forms of trafficking and slavery and how we, as consumers play a role in sustaining the crime. Read here to see why The NO Project focuses on youth education.

The NO Project has presented the seminar to thousands of students, university students and educators in numerous countries across the globe. But, we cannot do this alone. We need your help.

So, please watch the videos on this site so that you are able to share the information with your students in a way that is age-appropriate, sensitive and accurate. The crime of human trafficking is ugly, brutal, disturbing. Students may not be able to digest certain information all at once. You are the best judge of what they can absorb at a given time. Their innate sense of justice is key to this process.

EDUCATION INCLUDES PROTECTION. Youth are the target and they need to know about the strategies that traffickers use to groom and recruit victims, both on line and face to face.

On a very practical and familiar level as a teacher – look at this real classroom photograph sent to us from a teacher in Spain! These are the pre-reading questions the learners generated prior to reading Rose’s narrative from the teaching unit, The Truth Behind Closed Doors. This lesson is based on a real situation and involves Domestic Servitude. We are so honoured that our material is educating people around the world, opening eyes, and hopefully hearts. Thank you to the teacher for a bit of ‘real classroom’. Bravo Daniel!





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