Everyone (You)

We are all responsible.

Slavery only exists today because we allow it to. It is happening on our own doorstep but we cannot see it. As you read this, victims of human trafficking of all ages are being deceived, recruited, transported, humiliated, abused, beaten, raped and tragically even killed – all for the purposes of making money for human traffickers.

The interest, support and active engagement of individuals and groups within the community is fundamental to the eradication of modern-day slavery. Social outreach is quite simply that – reaching out and speaking to any group in a community who would like to learn more about the reality of global and domestic human trafficking today.

The NO Project is actively engaged in many diverse actions to educate the public about the nature of human trafficking and actions that can be taken  – from small choices on a  personal level to nationwide initiatives that reach thousands.

As a starting point we suggest two key steps:

1. Get smart. Read through the content on this site. Visit the page Excellent Sites, watch read learn about the reality and scale of slavery and human trafficking.

2. Do what you love to educate others and use the connections you have both personally and professionally to reach and educate others.

The NO Project can adapt the multi-media awareness seminar to the needs and interests of a specific group or context: businesses, hospitality professionals, airline professionals, a sports or cultural group, parents, a music/ theatre/dance group, a faith-based group or even seminars to informal gathering of friends.

The power and sustainability of an anti-slavery campaign lies with the action of individual citizens. Now is the time to act. The NO Project is here to support you.

Published by The NO Project