Domestic Servitude

Domestic Servitude: Around the world thousands of domestic workers are treated like slaves. Watch these short videos and learn.

Download The NO Project free educational teaching material called THE TRUTH BEHIND CLOSED DOORS and read about Rose who took a job in a major European city and became a victim of Domestic Servitude. Please note the material is designed for young adults/adults so we strongly advise that the lessons are used for people who are 16 years or older.

My Life as a Modern-Day Slave, BBC NEWS. 3-minutes with English subtitles. Testimony by a woman who was trapped in domestic servitude.


A Woman Captured (2018) powerful documentary about “Marish”, a domestic worker kept in a private home in Hungary for over 10 years. The NO Project is honoured to be collaborating with the Director of A Woman Captured.

Domestic workers, both male and female, are behind closed doors, abused, starved, locked up, unpaid. Isolated from their family, often in a foreign country they are terrified, they are alone and they have no idea that they are victims of a crime.

Maid in Hell (2018) documentary about migrant domestic workers in Middle East.

In most countries it is illegal for an employer to keep the passport of an employee without his/her consent. This is often the first action that an employer will take. By with-holding the passport of a domestic worker, the employer has taken away the employees ability to move/leave freely.

Freedom is further restricted when payment goes down or stops completely. By not paying the domestic worker, the employer is violating the contract/agreement and is now exploiting the worker for financial purposes. At times, the worker may be forced to stay in the house, behind a locked door – which is extremely dangerous in terms of safety. They may be abused physically and/or psychologically. All behind closed doors.Learn about Kalayaan based in the UK fighting for the rights of Domestic workers and responding to the needs to people who have been in abusive domestic work situations.

Please click here to find out more about Domestic Servitude and to view a deeply moving short documentary by Pete Pattison. 

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