Forced Marriage

The Global Slavery Index 2018 estimated that 40.3 million people are in slavery today and of these enslaved people, 15 million are in forced marriage. Forced marriage is not the same as arranged marriage, the latter generally involving consent and willingness of both participants. Forced marriage, however, is considered a form of modern-day slavery because at the heart of the both crimes lies the same criteria: imbalance of power, use of manipulation, lack of freedom, threats, deception, coercion, economic exploitation and extreme violence, which at times, results in death.

This deeply moving, informative TED talk by Jasvinder Sanghera, the founder of Karma Nirvana provides the knowledge and insight needed to understand why forced marriage can never, ever be accepted or justified. We strongly advise you visit their site to learn more.

Forced Marriage and Arranged Marriage

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SOURCE: Karma Nirvana. Arranged marriage: Both participants give their full consent and enter the marriage willingly.   Forced marriage:  One or both participants enter the marriage without giving their consent. They go through with the wedding under duress from their families. Forcing someone into marriage is a criminal offence in the UK.

Child Marriage is legal in most of the USA.

You may be surprised to learn that still today, a child can legally marry in most states of USA.Watch this disturbing, powerful TED talk by Fraidy Reiss, founder of Unchained at Last, to find out the reality of child marriage in USA today.


Culture must never be used as a justification for “honour violence” | Diana Nammi

TED talk by Diana Nammi, Founder of

So called ‘honour violence’ or ‘honour killings’ are a reality for women all around the world; this talk looks at the stories of three women in the UK. From Kurdistan to the UK, Diana explores her journey as a campaigner and how she has fought for justice for victims. Please watch, learn and share. Silence is unacceptable.


Banaz A Love Story

Watch and share this deeply moving feature length documentary about Banaz, a young woman in the UK who was murdered by her own family, despite the fact that she herself reported her likely death five times to the police. Respect for all those who fought for justice, and also to everyone involved in this confronting, necessary film production, specifically the director and producer, Deeyah Khan. For more about Banaz A Love Story visit:

True Narratives by Survivors of Forced Marriage

To read narratives from survivors of forced marriage from different countries around the world, visit the University of Nottingham (UK)  Anti-Slavery Usable Past Project . We strongly advise you read with responsibility for your own wellbeing. The narratives are true and disturbing. Nothing justifies the physical and psychological violence or the sexual and economic exploitation of forced marriage.

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