University student film-makers fight human trafficking and modern slavery using their talent, creativity and dedication. GOLD COSTS MORE THAN MONEY is produced by our filmmaking partners at Boston University, Hothouse Productions in collaboration with The NO Project. Audio and Post Production by Pear Audio Post.

Children Of The Dirty Gold: An investigation into the use of child labour in dangerous Philippine underwater gold mines. Full credit to Journeyman Pictures. More info on Journeyman’s work here


Learn about ENOUGH PROJECT who are working to demand conflict-free gold. See the video below then read their report. Some electronic companies are making an effort to clean up their supply chain of minerals – others are doing, moreorless, nothing. Make informed choices when you buy something. How you choose to spend your money says a lot about who you are – so, who are you? Download the report here. Nintendo – you rated big ZERO in terms of your effort in this report. Hope you change your actions.

Check out FAIRPHONE  – an inspirational company based in The Netherlands which manufactures mobile phones that only use minerals that have been ethically-sourced and ethically-processed.

TEDxTALK – about FAIRPHONE: “There’s so much more to your phone that what you can see.”

Published by The NO Project