Signs of Trafficking

Hello! We will be adding further content to this page soon. In the meantime – this is a reality check of trafficking situations during travel.

Something doesn’t feel right

An airline agent who had been trained to spot signs of possible human trafficking at the check-in desk. For several reasons, she does not allow two teenage girls on board. Please, for more information about trafficking indicators, especially in relation to travel, please check out the lesson plans  on your site and download Something doesn’t feel right. The content is confronting, real and focuses on awareness of smart travel, well-being, safety.

In this short video a flight attendant describes indicators of a possible trafficking situation on board. An unaccompanied minor appears to have little idea why he is travelling, to where and who will meet him.

The NO Project multi-media seminar includes awareness of recruitment methods. It was a powerful moment when we this young student approach our team and told us of this case. Clearly, she had been sitting there during the seminar, thinking back to what was a rather strange interaction in an airport.




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