About The NO Project

The NO Project is an award-winning, global, educational anti-slavery campaign that specifically targets youth awareness of modern slavery and human trafficking through film, music, art, dance, theatre, journalism, creative writing, education and social media.

The NO Project is 100% non-profit. We rely on the donated time, talent, energy, passion and resources of educators, academics, journalists, artists, filmmakers, musicians, dancers, and, of course, students.

The governing values of The NO Project are inclusivity, sustainability, dignity and respect.
We do not endorse sensationalist clichéd imagery that focuses solely on the victim or portrays trafficking as commercial sexual exploitation only. Enfeebled images of abused females and males, barcodes, chains, and duct tape are images we try to avoid.

The NO Project values the power and skills of young people to influence attitudes and change behavior. Their ability and willingness to confront those who sustain the demand for human trafficking and modern slavery lies at the heart of this campaign. To reach and inform the next generation we need the support of educators and academics . Our approach is based on the principle that education includes: global citizenship, ethical decision-making and protection.

The NO Project collaborates with a diverse range of supporters and partners including police anti- trafficking organized crime units, global anti-slavery academics and researchers, world champion choreographers and dance crews, award-winning filmmakers, artists and writers. We also work closely with Hothouse Productions, Boston University, who have produced two short videos in the Now You Know series. The academic advisor to The NO Project is Dr Zoe Trodd, expert in the global anti- slavery movement.

The NO Project is an independent initiative support by the donated time, skills and expertise of individual citizens and partners dedicated to the eradication of human slavery in the 21st century.

The NO Project collaborates with students, educators, lawyers, journalists, academic researchers, artists, musicians, writers, film-makers, actors, media and management consultants.

The NO Project is committed to inclusivity, sustainability, dignity and respect. The contribution of pro-active citizens independent of age, gender orientation, faith, cultural background, professional status and nationality is invaluable in the fight against slavery.

The NO Project strives to reach all sectors of the community and to present an accurate picture of the reality of human trafficking.

The NO Project is committed to supporting the work of other campaigns and organisations actively engaged in anti-slavery initiatives, at both a domestic and global level.

The NO Project believes that each individual citizen carries the responsibility to confront and eliminate the demand for slavery.

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