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Nottingham University, UK

Anti-slavery Usable Past Project/ The Rights Lab

The NO Project  is honoured to be an educational outreach partner with the The Rights Lab, University of Nottingham, UK. The NO Project in partnership with the Rights Lab, has created free downloadable teaching material on human trafficking and modern slavery. We are honoured that these lesson plans have been nominated as a global finalist for the British Council ELTons Award for Innovation in Teacher Resources, 2020. The NO Project also acknowledges the financial support for the lesson plan project, specifically funding from The Arts and Humanities Research Council (UK) in collaboration with The Rights Lab. The diverse, challenging global teaching material is suitable for upper secondary, young adult and adults students, and is being used for both teaching online lessons and in class. The content is also designed for learners whose first language is not English. Watch this video for further information about the teaching resources.

Boston University, MA.

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Thank you Hothouse Productions! Final-year film students at the College of Communication, Boston University use their talent, passion and dedication to create the short film Now You Know. Special thanks to Professor Garland Waller, award-winning documentary film-maker, for initiating and guiding this collaborative action with The NO Project. We have collaborated twice with Hothouse student filmmakers to produce two short films: Now You Know and Gold Costs More Than Money.


now you know landing page


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) 

The NO Project wishes to acknowledge and thank Psichogios Publications for their consistent support of  The NO Project educational campaign. In 2020, through the support of Psichogios, this powerful  video was produced to reach educators across the globe and inform them of The NO Project free downloadable teaching resources created in partnership with the Rights Lab, Nottingham University, UK. For many years Psichogios Publications, as our print sponsor, has contributed to the anti-slavery educational outreach seminars. We are honoured to have their trust and support.


The NO Project is truly grateful to Russell Stannard, founder of award-winning Teacher Training Videos who provides millions of teachers with outstanding information and guidance in the use of online teaching and digital technology in the classroom. View the video that Russell has created on The NO Project free downloadable lesson plans that have been nominated as a finalist for the global British Council ELTons Award in Innovation in Teacher Resources, 2020.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) : Bancpost Romania 2013-2014

The NO Project powered by Bancpost: An award-winning, nationwide campaign reaching out to youth and the general public through educational seminars, public events, sport, art, film. In collaboration with ANTIP, ADPARE and eLiberare. Our heartfelt thanks to our partners, collaborating artists, educators and dancers, and of course special thanks to the wonderful CSR Team at Bancpost, Romania.  Please visit the art gallery to see work from over 100 young artists from across Romania.

May 2012- Nov 2012 CSR Postbank Romania, 2012

Multi-media youth oriented public awareness seminars in high schools and Graphics Art Dept of the New Bulgarian University. In collaboration with The Bulgarian National Commission to Fight Human Trafficking.

Anti-slavery art installation FREE ME in collaboration with artwork by young artists from New Bulgarian University. In collaboration with The Bulgarian National Commission to Fight Human Trafficking.

Step2Freedom: Outdoor Art installation

One month outdoor installation, open 7/24, on the Bridge of Lovers, a large pedestrian walkway in the heart of Sofia, Bulgaria. Sixty posters – half from young artists in Greece, half from young artists in Bulgaria. In collaboration with The Bulgarian National Commission to Fight Human Trafficking and the City of Sofia.

Bridge of Lovers poster


The NO Project wishes to acknowledge Anthony C. Hassiotis, Former Executive Director and CEO Bancpost (2013) who initiated The NO Project-Bancpost CSR collaboration. The dignity, grace and innovative stance provided by the Corporate Social Responsibility Department at Postbank Bulgaria is a model for other CSR supporters to follow. Thank you.

An unexpected outcome!

The NO Project was honoured that the Bulgarian Anti-trafficking Police based their summer public awareness campaign on artwork created by The NO Project. The poster below was seen at summer resort towns and placed at bus stops etc. For reasons of sensitivity, understandably, the text from The NO Project original artwork was softened.






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