I have been involved with The NO Project for over 8 years. The very first NO Project seminar I attended was while I was still in high school; it had a profound impact on my life and effectively altered the trajectory of my future. The NO Project aims to enlighten and empower tomorrow’s decision-makers by educating them through platforms that go beyond the pages of  textbooks. My involvement with The NO Project led me to pursue a career in Law and Human Rights, so that I have the tools to tackle the issue and make a real difference.
Nicole, Lawyer, LLB & BA, Aotearoa – New Zealand

I have partnered with The NO Project for nearly 10 years, and in that time I’ve come to see first hand their passion, drive, and ability to not sensationalize the crime of Trafficking in Persons. This campaign is making a difference and is doing more than walking the walk. I’m excited to continue working with The NO Project as they educate young people to make pro-active, well-informed, ethical choices for the future. This is where change lies.
Law Professor, Doctor of Jurisprudence, USA

Introducing The NO Project into my classroom has been a deeply rewarding and eye-opening experience both for my students and myself. Classrooms that had been considered as artificial contexts for language learning were transformed into learning communities, a safe space where English served as the common ground upon which taboo issues were approached with sensitivity and critical insight. The well-constructed and easy-to-use lessons plans simultaneously worked towards language skills development, while -at a deeper level- evoked students’ empathy, as they became aware of the many faces of crime around them and the dangers they may encounter in their online or everyday lives. Moreover, they felt the need to take action, either by becoming ethical consumers, taking voluntary action, or even by just spreading the word. Our school has helped the local society see that the dichotomy of ‘classroom’ and ‘real world’ is a false one and today’s aware students will develop into tomorrow’s aware world citizens. Thank you TNP!
Juliet, Secondary School Teacher, Greece

Following on my own interest in Street Art, the lesson plan, A Thousand Words fits perfectly into my course, Art and Social Awareness. It is approachable material, but material that makes students open their eyes to topics, which for many are new. It can be challenging, but all good, valuable learning should be. It inspired me to look into the possibility of sponsoring such a mural on my campus. Thanks from Turkey.
Cafer, University Lecturer, Turkey.

It is so rewarding to collaborate with  The NO Project on the teaching material. Educating both students and teachers about this global crime, which mainstream publishers generally refuse to touch, is extremely important. The lesson plans provide a wealth of thought-provoking material with real world impact, giving those who use it the opportunity not only to learn, but to act. The author’s years of experience and expertise in training, writing and research shine through in content that is challenging and eye-opening, but never patronizing or preachy. Guaranteed to bring students and teachers out of the comfort zone of the classroom. The lessons taught here may well change lives.
Diana, EU., Author of educational course books, teacher and parent.

The NO Project lesson, The Truth Behind Closed Doors  has allowed me to come know a very human side of my students. It is extremely enriching to address real-life cases, and to  learn how vulnerable we can be in the hands of people who have no respect for other human beings. I think this type of material should be included in the Social Studies programs of our schools.  We need see the narrative of trafficking victims, not as an isolated incident, but as a real case – that could be happening just around the corner. Thank you for this lesson of life, and for the feelings expressed in the narrative and audios. ‘A teacher is not only a mean of imparting knowledge but of cultivating values.’ I would like to encourage many more to join this project for the benefit of humanity, regardless of the field they work in.
Teacher of English to Corporate Clients, Lima Peru.

My leadership role as a Youth Ambassador with The NO Project has meant that I know too much about human trafficking and modern slavery to stay silent and inert. In the future I will  devise work to shed light on this crime to spread greater awareness through the platform that I love and know the best – theatre. There was no question that I would not be involved.
Olivia, Theatre student, Aotearoa – New Zealand.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with The NO Project for nearly 3 years, and not only has it been an eye-opening experience but an important and worth-while one, too. The project tackles real problems and makes real progress towards spreading awareness in ways that transcend typical information campaigns, and does an amazing job at including youth and showing them that their voice does matter. The No Project is an extraordinary campaign that does exceptional work at raising awareness of human trafficking and slavery.
Francesca, Graduate University student, Spain/UK

Personal responses to The NO Project Multi-Media Educational Seminar

Immediately following  The NO Project multi-media educational seminar we ask participants to write down their  feelings, thoughts – anonymously. Here are some personal comments from 19-21 year olds on leadership programmes in Europe.

Privilege has blinded me, yet with education only my own choices can determine what side I am on.

There are no words to describe the way I feel right now. I am appalled and horrified. I am so grateful for the power The NO Project has given me through this new-found knowledge.

Be mindful of what you consume. No-one’s life is worth a bar of chocolate or a beautiful rug.

Today was really hard to believe –  the things people go through. It makes me want to help them so much. The way you spoke about this topic was amazing. Truly amazing.

As a future educator, I feel empowered not to only teach math, science, reading. Now I feel empowered to teach beyond the textbooks and to continue to make a different in the world beyond my classroom.

My heart hurts deeply for those in human trafficking. I will be checking what I eat and what I buy. Hoping to speak about this at my own college.

Published by The NO Project